Payday loans for Romanians: funding requirements for born in Romania

  Receiving payday loans for Romanian citizens is quick and easy, if you know the right methods. Citizens born in Romania obviously have the right, as well as those born in other foreign countries, to take advantage of funding. Let’s see, therefore, what are the requirements required by the companies in the case of online […]

10 Mistakes to Make on Your Home Loan

A mortgage is not something to take lightly, especially if you make your first real estate purchase. You have to consider this act as an important moment in your life and pay attention to many things, which is why you have to be vigilant. Tom Ripley explains the mistakes not to commit.  Errors in a […]

Income on a Real Estate Loan

When making an appointment with a mortgage broker or banks, it is possible that we talk to you about bank domiciliation. If you do not know this term, we explain its interest. Is bank domiciliation mandatory for borrowers? This question is to be taken into account during a mortgage loan, we will see what the […]

Does the mortgage loan rate remain the same or does it rise?

We have informed readers of our blog and the news section of the mortgage loan interest over the last 4 weeks. For the time being, this will keep the emotions moving. For many homeowners – who are planning to transfer their mortgage loan – and starters who are taking out a home loan for the […]

Retirement Loan

Certainly, each of us from time to time wonders what our retired life will look like. And although older people think about it more often, young people also try to imagine what we will do and how we will live when we finish our professional activity. These are quite important questions, especially when we look […]

Denied a loan? Here is what can be done.

If you want to start developing a small business, you will need seed money for this. Most companies start by taking a loan from a bank, because life in a big city is not cheap, and for the development of the organization it will take a lot of investments in the first stage. If you […]

How long do I have an answer to my loan application?

If you want to buy real estate, you need to consider time for your real estate project. Certainly, getting a home loan is an important element in the steps of a real estate acquisition. You have 45 days from the signing of the sales agreement to have a mortgage agreement. Loan agencies receive a lot […]

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